in conversation with the other side

Ice Land. We do not come to you. You come to us. And everything turns to ice: plants, sails, even the sea.

Job's friends were all theologians of note. But they got lost in the mountain of knowledge and never found their way to the cave of knowing.

We live in parallel worlds. Occasionally we meet, at a crossing.

How does one wait for those who keep sabotaging themselves?

Saint. If self-proclaimed, You ain't.

We get so lost in wanting to be right and proving others to be wrong. Is this something we bring to religion, or is this something that religion bestows on us? The latter calls for a theologian, the former for a psychologist.

He perfected the art of emptying himself in front of a single flower.

They call you Africa's "salt of the earth". When you roll the dung you collected down into the underground tunnels you have prepared, you make sure that the earth receives the nutrition it needs to create and bring forth new life. With you nothing gets lost or wasted. You know that someone has to do the “dirty” job, and you just get on with it. In what others consider the end, you see the potential for a new beginning. You play your part in the circle of life - with humility and vision.

Every forest has a clearing. And so has our mind, our story, our love.