in conversation with portals

Many portals can only be accessed with ladders, hidden among the ruins of past civilizations.

Gardens are known to be portals, welcoming feathered, shy and easily frightened beings of all kind, earthly and cherubic.

Moons have always been sign boards. Some of them have become more permanent than others.

As certain portals gain popularity, their access becomes ritualized.

At times, the sky enfolds everything with a light, blue veil. The whole earth becomes a portal, shrouded in mystery.

Some portals are guarded by mythical creatures, mostly dragons waiting to be kissed.

At a portal: Will we knock or will someone else knock? Are we already inside or still waiting outside?

A scary question: How to dare a portal by falling.

A waiting room is one of the most familiar portals. We never know what we are waiting for and what we are getting into. But life and death are just two sides of the same coin.