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When an ancestor crosses over from the wild to the so called civilized world, what do you say? This reptilian dispatch carries a wisdom so ancient and primeval, transcendental and otherwordly. And it is all so imminent and immediate. A sudden intrusion as I prepare myself for crossing into a new year. You made me kneel to face you, to catch you eye to eye. I was in your way and you were in my way. I was determined not to let you go, less you bless me.

Childhood memories of “forced” labour run deep. And when we find the thing that makes our memories so tangible and real, we have to roll it home and make it our own.

He made a statement, with the simple act of pouring me a glass of tea. And I was suddenly thrown into an existential crisis. Why could I not imbue the ordinary with the same sacredness?

The spirit of Ganesh embodied.

There is always someone waiting, pleading to be trained in the ancient art of fishing.

You turn everything around: yourself, your life, our world.

A brief experience of neuroplasticity.

Dressed in your revolutionary uniform you will beat the drums for the bride's entry. And your Rastafarian restfulness marks the silence before the storm. Nothing can beat your posture which signals inner calm and eager anticipation.

A bouquet of fire.

To know the story of its creator is to feel a strong connection to her creator. In this instance even a strong affection. Her down syndrom did not stop her from helping things come alive.

How to balance a rose petal between two noses.

A daily sigh(t).

We are always in conversation, with ourselves and with others. And some of those conversations call for a heart of steel.

There was a boldness to his plans. And he wore them like a crown.

Moses does not “make” coffee. He creates it as others create a painting or a sculpture. And his spirited hands divide the sea that used to separate us.

Some halos weigh you down.

There was no doubt in my mind that he was committed to bring peace to the streets of Obs.

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