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Your home always travels with you.

Lost in early morning thoughts

Street life.

I knew about dream catcher. But I never thought of plastic catcher.

The evening News give you five seconds and we see you crossing a river, a border, with all your belongings. But our mind has to process 24 frames per second, 120 frames in five seconds. No wonder that the heart feels overwhelmed and will be quite selective. It is a matter of survival for both hearts and refugees.

You have been on sale for a long time. Such an unusual waiting room.

When books become landscapes, our reading becomes a pilgrimage, sketching the contours of our heart.

This is how a sculptor saw you: Burdened by the painful truth of both victims and perpetrators. It was a truth broadcasted to a whole nation. And we are still on our knees.

There are different forms of abundance.

There is ancient beauty in the heart of every mother city.

I noticed a lightness to your flight and a freedom in your movement. It brought something new to light.

You made me drink coffee without milk and taste the fruits it conceals in its dark thickness.

You were suspended between the sky and the sea.

To draw is to show deep affection.

Were you preaching to the sea or declaring your love to the wind? Or were you just rehearsing a script? Whatever it was, you did it on your knees.

The Reptilian brain has not left us. It keeps reinventing and disguising itself. But there are flickering moments when we can see it clearly. It is still with us.

You considered yourself to be my big brother. And indeed, when it came to laughter your shoes were too big for me.

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